Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Kit Lens and Other Techniques- Part 6


This is generalized as an advanced technique, but I promise you that on the wide angle end of your kit lens (setting your camera to f11) this is super easy. You can do this in full manual exposure mode, but I’d recommend Aperture priority if you’re not sure. Set Auto ISO if you like as well… this is meant to be fun!

Now, your kit lens does not have a focus distance guide. You’ll need to figure it out for yourself, but an easy way to set the focus would be to see the halfway point between focusing closely and focusing for something far away. These settings will allow for an extremely deep depth of field so almost everything between a couple of meters away to almost infinity will be in focus. So now all you need to worry about is framing, clean backgrounds, and pressing the shutter button. Easy peasy!

For those who have a camera with face detect, and plan on making photos of people, use this setting instead. You can still use this kind of focusing if you like, though!  


Short Distance Call

This is the next to the last post regarding kit lens techniques. Feel free to leave questions!


  1. I really appreciate you taking the time to post this information. I am reading everything I can to deepen my understanding different techniques.

    1. Learning never ends; I'm glad that I've been able to help, even if just a little bit! Honestly, I've learned a couple of techniques since starting this series, or applied them wholeheartedly because of trying to show examples.