Friday, March 18, 2011

Thoughts and Downtown

It's funny how our world seems so small nowadays. I can send an email and it can be read by somone on the other side of the world. World news can be discovered faster and more easily than even local news. We can travel to a different town in just a couple of hours on the highway.
Now, more, and fast. It seems like the world is so interconnected that it's hard to get a complete thought done without our phone going off or the news spewing from electronic devices. Then comes the dichotomy of our society: the forgotten people that live precariously off the 'grid'. Families struggling to make ends meet. Fathers cry for their families and women become stone, worried and somber.

I took a trip downtown and took some photos. But my mind is somewhere else tonight.

Back to my original topic, I tried disconnecting from the the attachments of the everyday and make photos outside of my comfort zone. Photography, my creative outlet, lets me be in control. The power to create something artistically beautiful, disturbing, or inspiring gives me a sense of purpose.

Take the time to inspire others. Just as importantly, take time to be inspired.

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