Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Danger of Middle-Grey

Life is black and white. There's a fine distinction between right and wrong, heartfelt kindness and ulterior motives, and compassion versus turning blind eye.

The danger of middle grey, of the 'in between', is giving oneself an excuse for doing something wrong. Delving into grey gives excessive moral latitude. Without getting political, world-wide difficulty accumulates because people aren't held accountable for what they do. In my own life, I completely expect to get in trouble for my wrongs. I can't help being wrong as much as I can stop the sun from rising. As such, I wonder sometimes if leniency and the 'slap on the wrist' mentality is the reason behind a lot of unnecessary grief.

All this brings me to my thought of the day. I want to do right by others so in turn they will do right by someone. No one is perfect, but we can get caught up in excuses and 'middle grey' easily.

If circumstances allow, would you take advantage of a situation? Is the double-standard your point of view?

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  1. Enjoying your blog - this one is particularly thought-provoking. So often we categorise 'black-and-white' thinking as being judgemental... but perhaps the benefit of that mentality is immediacy - thinking through shades of grey takes time and the moment for action (to offer kindness/compassion) can be lost.