Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yearly Bloom

Extreme humidity and temperature fluctionations are what springtime brings here. The mornings are cold and damp and the days are filled with sticky heat. People retreat to the shade and pool for solace. Children run through sprinklers, ablaze with steam rising from their skin. The fire hydrants wear a permanent grimace.

All jokes aside, the closing of spring leads to summer break and tans. Everyone is making the most of their time to find those little slices of heaven that will become their fond memories. One of mine is here, right near the end of spring: the tiger lilies finally bloomed in front of our house. I've been looking forward to them since last year and thought they might never make an appearance. They're as fragrant as they are colorful. The lillies really brighten my day and that's why I'd like to share a couple of photos of them.

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