Monday, February 28, 2011

Confidence and Fear

I've come a long way since I first started my photography hobby. Prior to buying my point and shoot, I researched photographic technique for a few months. Preparation would be the key to success. Upon buying the camera, I realized that photography was hard! It took work just to get sharp photos, to get the color right, to get the exposure right. Most of the photos were just hit or miss. I continued researching and learning from the 'masters' via YouTube and library books.
Months went by, tons of hours were spent studying and looking at photos from around the Internet, and I bought a film camera. I knew the camera itself would do nothing for my photography, but I also knew that the control I lacked would be there. So began that journey and my photos weren't what I wanted.
What could be missing? What's still missing? With experience comes confidence. The more I shoot, the more I see good results, the higher my confidence goes. Confidence has become synonymous with technique. I've refined my technique through experience, and thus my confidence in my own capability is there.

We're all afraid of things, it's human nature. But letting fear control our lives, and our art, gnaws at your soul. Being different isn't always bad or wrong, it's just different.
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  1. You are growing in your new found hobby.

  2. Practicing as much as possible. Thanks for commenting; I look forward to hearing from you again!